Good news, trip to the hospital, and why from now on I’m cured

This week has been really kind of intense.

First the good news. On Monday I had an ultrasound to check on my endo and, surprise, my ovaries are clean! No cysts no nothing. Doctor says I still have endo cells and that I will always have them as it is a chronic condition, but for now things appear to be stabilized. I’ll drink to that. Continue reading

Second Opinion

Second opinions are of great importance when we’re talking about delicate decisions. I have two neurologists and I always see both when a change in medication or other therapy is being considered. Last year, however, a second opinion was even more important when a cyst was detected in my left ovary. It was over 4 centimeters. After it was confirmed that it was an endometrioma and I was subsequently diagnosed with endometriosis, my doctor wanted to operate me right away. She told me that, even if it had not grown between the first ultrasound (the one that detected it) and the second (the one that confirmed it), it wasn’t going to go away, so they had to remove it.

I went to ask for a second opinion, because I wasn’t going to let anyone cut me open without being sure it was really necessary. The second doctor I saw wanted me to try medication before making a decision. So I took the medicine he prescribed and after a while I went for another ultrasound. The cyst was smaller. It was half the original size. He told me that, even if this medication proved not to be working, there were still other options before going for surgery. So I’m currently maintaining the prescribed treatment and happy about it.

Now I’m aware that every situation is different and some situations may really require surgery. But I’m also aware that I was told the cyst wasn’t going to go away and it’s now much smaller. If I hadn’t seen another doctor, I could probably have part of my left ovary cut out by now. So my advice would be to always look for more information before making such a decision.