Hairy chainsaw massacre

Because I was born in a family where mental illness is common, in some ways I had to grow up fast. That means I didn’t get to do some of the very very stupid things teenagers do, because I had this huge sense of responsibility and consequences. And that means that today, fully grown up, I find myself making some really stupid mistakes. Like a teenager. Continue reading

This is why I won’t learn from my mistakes

One of these days I was scrolling down my Facebook news feed and I saw this video someone I met through dance classes had posted.

I already knew movement was of the utmost importance when it came to neurological disorders, but I found this video so compelling and heartwarming that I immediately googled where I could learn more about dance and movement therapy. Et voilĂ , there will be a workshop in February – and me, of course, I already enrolled.

So if you read me complaining about how tired I am and how I always keep myself too busy for my own sake – like I did back in October – then you’ll know why. I’m hoping I can do things a little differently this time though, like taking a day off from work or skipping some assignment for college so it won’t take such a toll.

But you know me, my love for dance and my love for the mysteries of neurosciences. My wanting to heal. And my need to actually do something I’m passionate about. To fall in love.