“D” essential vitamin

You-are-my-sunshine-4-e1342543268970I saw one of my neurologists today for a routine appointment and for the first time I was prescribed vitamin D supplements. I already take them because I’ve been reading about their benefits ever since I was diagnosed, but this was the first time I had a doctor acknowledge how “the sunshine vitamin” is indeed important and not some kind of conspiracy theory. I guess doctors have been catching up on the latest research.

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Medical Cannabis

Cannabis_sativa_leaf_Dorsal_aspect_2012_01_23_0830I became interested in medical cannabis ever since I noticed sometimes my left hand and arm are stiff. I had read about its therapeutic benefits when it came to muscle spasms and spasticity and I tried to learn more about it. I came to the conclusion though, that unless the use of cannabis for medical purposes is legal where you live, it’s difficult to get the best of it. So when I heard Sativex was being approved I thought that was another option finally being available to alleviate symptoms. It was developed specifically for ms patients and it is formulated as an oromucosal spray which is administered by spraying into the mouth. If it ever comes to that point where everything else has failed and my neurologist thinks it’s worth giving it a shot, I’ll definitely try it.

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