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    1. I have been reading your posts and I must tell you you are a rock star for keeping some sanity among all the insanity. And those MRI results just prove it once more. At least it’s one thing you won’t have to worry about.
      I feel fine with Tecfidera, no new symptoms to report, but I’ll only know for sure in September. I don’t want to get my hopes too high….

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    1. It means a lot to me that you left me this message. Thank you. I’m fine, I just decided to stay away from social media a little because I’ve been dealing with a lot of fatigue and some cognitive issues. Somehow my brain feels overwhelmed when there’s more than a little information to process, and we know there’s tons of information on the internet. I hope you’re having a great summer, just relaxing and being creative. Sweet hug ❤

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      1. Social media can be draining, so I’m glad to know you are taking care and loving yourself by setting boundaries. I am having a good summer. Thanks for checking in, even though you didn’t have to. Sweet, gentle hugs to you. ❤

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