2nd blogging anniversary

Today marks the day I published my first posts here on WordPress and set out on a blogging adventure. To celebrate, I’d thought I’d write a post featuring only random stuff about me, so you could know a little more about who I am when I’m not reflecting on my struggles with chronic illness. However, because I’m forever busy and chronically fatigued, I didn’t have time nor energy to finish it. If you stick around, maybe I’ll finish it in time for next year’s anniversary. Stay tuned. 😉

While you’re waiting, I found this on the internet and it totally sums me up…


Oh, and if you’re a single male in his thirties reading this…


She does.

The serious stuff will be back soon. 🙂

4 thoughts on “2nd blogging anniversary

  1. Ahaha! You ARE a GREAT catch and I enjoy learning all of the different complex sides to your personality. Being silly when feeling the very opposite is the best way to take the power back, don’t you think? So looking forward to the sequel.
    Happy blogaversary!

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