Make a wish

As I was saying farewell to my holidays, watching the sunset with a sense of longing and wonder, a little girl and her younger brother came near the place where I was standing. She was telling him to make a wish at that special moment just before the sun disappears from the horizon. She was very excited. She gave him all the details of what she wanted him to do (“you have to say it to yourself”), told him to wait because it still wasn’t the last moment, and then, when the sun was nothing but a line above the ocean, she said now. And me, that I’m a skeptic and haven’t made a wish in years, ended up making three. And when the sun was gone, the little girl and I exchanged glances and smiled. The boy had that look in his eyes not sure if the “magic” was going to work or not. Me, I don’t really care. I saw a beautiful sunset.

DSC01425 DSC01433 DSC01434 DSC01435 DSC01438

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