Still such a long way

So yesterday I went to my first yoga class, which didn’t go that bad considering I’m so out of shape. The last thing we did were some relaxation exercises, and at some point we were asked to visualize in detail something we wished happened and became a reality in our lives.

Well, I didn’t exactly visualize anything as in to form an elaborate mental image of something. On hearing that, my mind just simply flashed me an image.

To which I instantly broke out sobbing.

So long relaxation, so long breathing technique, so long concentration, so long dignity.

There’s still so much work to do before I’m emotionally ok. I’ll just have to go on trying.

5 thoughts on “Still such a long way

  1. I hope you don’t worry about the dignity part. If it was a class with experienced people, they understood that this happens sometimes. If they didn’t understand, then it’s their loss. I hope you will enjoy your next yoga class more. The closing meditation is usually my favorite part. I’ve done yoga off and on for years, but it’s been a long time since took a class. A few years ago when I was in my kitchen getting back into yoga, I started sobbing, seemingly out of nowhere. But that’s what we need to do sometimes. I feel proud of you for the going on and trying.

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    1. Thank you. It was a little overwhelming, and I’m always uncomfortable expressing my emotions in public. Sometimes I feel so ready to take on the world but then something like this happens and I realize I’m still so fragile and I’m taken aback. I guess I will have to accept that healing takes time and that I will have to respect my healing process for as long as it takes.

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  2. It may not have felt good at the time, but crying is a great way to release what’s been stored in the body. I see a homeopath who encourages me to have a good cry sometimes about ongoing issues with grief – she tells me to watch a sad movie if I have to get the tears flowing. Do it for 15 minutes and then take a deep breath and get on with your day! I just started reading a book that I feel called to mention to you. It’s called Self-Compassion by Kristen Neff. Wishing you abundant health and happiness! 🙂

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