First 2015 reading list

The Wandering Mind – I’ve been talking about dissociation but I never really researched much about it. This is a little introductory book, from daydreaming to severe disorders. I’ll see if it’s worth it.

Missing Out – A friend of mine told me I would like this book. I read the prologue and immediately put in on my shopping basket. It’s about the lives we fantasize about and never live.

Count Me In – Emily White’s follow-up to Lonely. I’m really curious about what happened to the author after the events narrated in her previous book.

Optimal Health with Multiple Sclerosis – According to the subtitle, it integrates conventional, alternative medicine and lifestyle, which I’m all in favor of.

Women, Work and Autoimmune Disease – Because I sometimes feel like quitting, I need encouragement and advice on how to keep an active and productive work life.

The Multiple Sclerosis Manifesto – Just because I never read it.

The Whals Protocol – I’m really really curious about this one because I don’t believe in miracle cures. But I’m open to suggestions, especially if they’re built on solid research. I’ll see.

The Noonday Demon – It’s been on my reading list since I saw Andrew Solomon’s TED Talk. As I’m experiencing depression once again – and in a very different way than the last time, but we’ll get into it later – maybe it’s time to explore this book.

Blue Nights – After The Year of Magical Thinking, another memoir by Joan Didion. Looking forward to reading it.

A Monster Calls – Fiction at last. I read the first two chapters of this book for work purposes and now I want to read the rest. I enjoy children and young adult fiction a lot, and I admire who’s clever enough to write it.

And some other books by Portuguese authors I’m not going to bother you with.

I’m just going to have to wait until I’m off college duties to dive into this sea of words. That’s gonna be hard.

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