Copaxone and I

Copaxone and I will part ways soon but at least we get to celebrate our 2 year anniversary together. This was one of the most peaceful relationships I ever had.

I remember meeting the nurse who introduced us. It was a Saturday and she came over after lunch, armed with the auto-injector. Everything I needed to know was really well explained and I got to give myself my first shot on the right arm. Now, you don’t feel the needle or the liquid going in, but after a couple of seconds, when the drug starts spreading under the skin… boy it hurts. It’s like taking one of those nasty vaccines that leave you feeling sore, except you take Copaxone every day. But well, there was an ice pad ready to cool off all that passion Copaxone showed for me and then I went about my business.

I was afraid of having terrible skin reactions as I’d seen pictures on the internet. However, when I got home some hours later and took off my sweater to have a look, apart from a little swelling everything was fine. I remember looking up at my ex-boyfriend and saying “I made it,” like I’d just finished the marathon or something. And this was the beginning of a love affair that celebrates 2 years now.

During these two years I never had side effects worth mentioning, which was a great improvement from the ten months I’d spent before with Avonex. My nurse told me some time later that she never expected things to go so well. I had everything against me: my skin is very white and thin and it bruises easily. Furthermore, I don’t have much fat, and fat is good to absorb Copaxone without leaving lumps. But against all odds, months went by and being with Copaxone every day was never an issue. I got used to the daily injections and even taking it out with me, though I confess I forgot to take it on one or other occasion.

Unfortunately, I’m going to have to leave this happy relationship. Copaxone is just too peaceful and quiet to be able to keep my ms from violating the restraining order. I’m hoping I can finally start a drug that is aggressive to the disease and kind to me. Fingers crossed.


5 thoughts on “Copaxone and I

  1. Congratulations on getting through 2 years of MS girl.
    I can’t imagine doing daily injections. Wow.
    I really hope this is a smooth transition and whatever you are on next helps you just as much if not more.


    1. I’m actually celebrating 3 years of diagnosis next month, although I’ve been living with MS for probably a decade now. I can’t believe it. 😀
      Thank you, I’m really hoping everything will go well. MS drugs are all scary due to their side effects. 😦

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  2. A decade then!
    There are times when doctors recommend medications I find out are common with MS patients, and they almost always pull up crazy side effects. I am well aware of how each of my own medications effect each other.
    When dealing with more than one MS med however, it must be very difficult balancing the fallout with your body.

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