Falling Into Place


If you read my post ranting about positivity and positive thinking, you probably know I’m not into inspirational stuff and stories that make it sound like it’s really easy to overcome our limitations and all adversity – and if you can’t do it yourself then you’re not worthy of any support or admiration at all no matter how hard you’re struggling.


That’s the reason I enjoyed this Huffington Post article so much. It’s about a series of self-portraits called Falling Into Place by Patricia Lay-Dorsey, who’s been diagnosed with primary progressive multiple sclerosis. It’s raw, it’s symbolic, not always pretty, but it’s interesting because it shows people those uncomfortable things many of us wish not to see or think about. It isn’t about self-pity and it isn’t about fake positivity. It’s life as it is, as some of us know it.



6 thoughts on “Falling Into Place

  1. One more thing… In the RSD/CRPS community it reminded me of those who post images of their deformed, excruciating bleeding limbs on social media. I call it RSD Porn. It breaks my heart every time.
    This one is different because it also allows a level of understanding that I hope others will see. It shows her living with MS, not just the disease. Idk if I’m making sense right now…


    1. Yes, you are. I think it has to do with how you choose to portray things, instead of what you portray. This is like a window to a person, her life and condition. It isn’t meant to shock or frighten people or make them feel pity, and I think that’s where its strength lies.

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