Somatization, or Why My Body Never Shuts Up

Your-Body-Is-TalkingThe reasons for psychosomatic disorders can be varied, but they are usually linked to an ongoing stressful life situation which, for one reason or another, sufferers cannot (or feel they should not) air. This can be an untenable situation at work where they are required to do jobs which they have not been trained to do, an unpleasant work atmosphere, frequent arguments at work or at home, feeling burdened by great responsibilities without getting recognition, or aggravation over an ongoing situation such as a long-term project at work or problems with difficult children or difficult parents.

It is really surprising how resilient the body is to stress. Emotional upset often needs to go on for a long time before the body’s defences break down or, to put it more precisely, before we notice the body is suffering from the emotional onslaught. The body has an incredibly efficient way of recuperating, so when we find we cannot recover from an illness this indicates we must have run down our resources. This is a warning signal that must be taken seriously or we risk even graver physical problems.

Principles of Hypnotherapy, Vera Peiffer, Singing Dragon, 2013

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